Kettlebell Workouts

You might believe that your workout is getting boring, or maybe you’ve hit the exercise plateau. Perhaps you’re just beginning to get into an exercise routine and you desire a workout that is more efficient or challenging. There is only one piece of equipment that you need. It is the Kettlebell.

The kettlebell resembles a cannonball or bowling ball with a handle on it. They come in a variety of sizes for people of every fitness level. The workouts are so effective that professional athletes use the kettlebell during workout routines on a regular basis. It is a tried and true method of working out that has been around for hundreds of years. No one is quite sure exactly where the kettlebell workout originated, but variations on the workout are found all over the world. Some workouts include bags full of sand or shot rather than a ball with a handle. The results are all the same: A toned, sculpted body that is the envy of the town.

The Russians made the kettlebell workout quite popular, however many cultures worked with some sort of weight attached to a handle. However once the world saw how effective the kettlebell workout was for the Russians, everyone wanted to do a similar workout. The kettlebell craze spread to pro athletes, law enforcement, military, and special ops teams as a way to get into tip-top shape. Since then the kettlebell has become a staple at nearly every gym in America. They are sold in every store that has fitness equipment and are included in many workout routines both on DVD and in live classes. Just look around our site and you will find everything from beginning to advanced workout routines as well as demonstration videos. It has spread from pro athletes all the way to home workouts because it is so effective.

Why Should You Use Kettlebells?

kettlebell workoutKettlebells are very effective when used in workouts because they engage many muscle groups at once rather than working one or two muscle groups at a time. It harnesses multiple components of various workouts by condensing them into one workout. The kettlebell is a weighted ball with a handle. The weight distribution is much different from a dumbbell, which helps kettlebell workouts mimic real-life movements.

It also engages the core muscles as well as your other muscles. This is a more natural way of moving that builds all of the muscle groups at a relatively similar rate rather than building one muscle group at a time. Instead of preparing you for a workout lifting weights over your head, which you rarely do in everyday life, the kettlebells prepare you for a range of normal movements such as reaching, lifting, and stretching.

The beauty of the kettlebell is that it can be used for traditional exercises, such as presses and curls, as well as more complex and challenging workouts, such as swings and snatches. The workouts can be tailored to men and women of all fitness levels. Additionally, the kettlebell workouts allow you to progress as quickly or as slowly as you need. They can be used to gain fitness or even for a type of rehab workout. They provide strength and range of motion activities that are not normally included in traditional workouts.

kettlebell trainingKettlebell workouts involved two kids of movements. The first kind of movements are called grind movements. Grind movements are similar to traditional strength training exercises in that they mostly involve lifting and pressing. These movements are aimed at strengthening the body and various muscle groups.

The second kind of movements are called ballistics movements. The ballistic movements are movements that involve more motion than just lifting. The ballistic movements target your core more than your other muscle groups. These exercises include snatches and swings. A good workout includes both ballistic and grind movements in order to get a balanced workout. One workout with both grind and ballistic movements will give you a sufficient workout.

What Should Beginners Consider?

There are several things to remember when beginning a kettlebell workout. The first thing that you need to choose is the kettlebell that is right for you. I highly suggest that you go to a store that sells them and lift several to find one that feels right for you. There are multi-packs of kettleballs that you can invest in, but be warned that you will grow out of the lighter kettlebells quickly. You need to choose a kettlebell that is not too light, but also not too heavy. If you choose a heavy one, you could strain yourself.

adjustable kettlebellsKettlebells range anywhere from twenty five dollars to eighty dollars with the price increasing based on weight. However, they last for a lifetime and you only need one to begin with. If you have the opportunity to try a kettlebell workout before purchasing a kettlebell, find the weight you are comfortable with. Or, if you love it, consider investing in the adjustable weight kettlebells. They are not as sturdy as the regular ones, but they give you more versatility with the weight.


Overall, the kettlebell is a workout tool that is worth trying. It is a workout that has withstood the test of time with positive results. It is initially tough to adapt to, but it will leave you feeling stronger and better than before. As with any new workout, be careful and take it slow until you have mastered the workout. But this workout is worth the time and the effort and will only have positive results.